When he traveled to Africa and experienced the extreme poverty most of the children there face, he founded the African Children’s Choir to give these poverty-stricken children a chance. A chance to get find hope. A chance to find love. And a chance to find education.

Ray Barnett did not just found this great organization, he lives it. He doesn’t just oversee the children in his care, he loves them. He treats them like his own. And he gives them the start of a new life.

Don’t Tell Me It Cant Be Done Was the perfect title for this book.It really was Ray Barnett’s philosophy. If someone told him it couldn’t be done, that was basically a command for him to go do it. He always accomplished what everyone thought was impossible. He did not care what others thought was impossible because he knew that with his God everything was possible.

The story of Ray Barnett is a story full of sadness and tragedy, but also one bursting with hope and bravery. Experience one man’s amazing strive to make a difference and relive his inspiring life in this unique memoir of Ray Barnett—Don’t Tell Me It Can’t Be Done.

Annie Lennox