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As a young boy struggling to find his way through the immense poverty, secrecy and war-time suffering that gripped his life in Northern Ireland, Ray Barnett dreamed of a life of adventure and travel like that of his hero: famed missionary-explorer David Livingstone.
As an adult, he has lived that life—leading a human-rights based ministry that has brought hope, healing and humanitarian aid to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

Ray Barnett an autobiography

  • Born in Portstewart, Northern Ireland, and raised as Raymond Ross by foster parents in Coleraine, Co. Antrim.  Was told his mother had been killed in the London Blitz during world war 2.
  • Worked part time at odd jobs from age eight to help his foster mother feed the family.
  • Discovered the truth about his birth mother while in his teens, tracked her down in London, but suffered a terrible ‘rejection’ when she didn’t want to see him again.  Lived with that pain until his forties when he and his mother were eventually reconciled.
  • Suffered from dyslexia which wasn’t understood while he was at school and so was labelled ‘stupid’. Believed this to be true until a teacher ‘discovered’ some of his other talents and helped him develop those.
Ray gets a ‘surprise’ on BBC’s, “Hearts of Gold” with Esther Rantzen.

Ray, surprised on TV's 'Heart's of Gold'

Connect with Ray: Send him an email at ray@raybarnett.com
About the Book
About the Book